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Know exactly what your users are thinking

Next Please is the place to keep a log of feature requests and potential improvements for your product.

Emoji reactions
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Improve notifications
47 12
Time tracking
219 21
Gantt chart
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Multiple users per account
127 5
Custom fields
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Slack integration
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Video embeds
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Keep your users and team up to date

Build internal and public roadmaps to improve transparency with your team and users.

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Improve cross-team collaboration

Make product decisions a collaborative process with your entire company.

Use Next Please as a place to connect Support and Marketing with Product.


Keep a record of the features requested in support, as well as who is requesting them.


Vote for which feature is important and allow engineering to give a rough estimate early on.


Add requests to your roadmap to prioritize what's next! Share the roadmap internally or in public.

Everything you need to manage a software product in one place

Public roadmap & changelog

Share your upcoming product changes and releases on a hosted page or site embed.

Notification widget beta

Embed a widget directly into your product to notify users when an update is released.


Connect with all of the apps you use by integrating with Zapier or use our direct integrations with products like ConvertKit and Helpscout.


Control who can do what with user levels such as editor, product owner, engineer, and admin.

Categories & Tags

Use custom categories & tags to specify the type of request and keep them organized.


All of the stats you need built into your account!

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