Next Please is built for teams

Give every part of your company the tools they need to track insights and make decisions to improve your product.

The most efficient way to track customer insights.

Super fast saving

Log feature requests directly from your support tool.

Prevent duplicates

Smart suggestions help to prevent duplicates when creating requests. If duplicates are created, quickly merge them with one click.

Easy customer updates

Know exactly who to follow up with when something they requested ships.

Automate the process

Remove logging requests from your process completely using our public Feedback Board where your customers can vote and make new requests on their own.

Put resources where they’re deserved and stay transparent in the process.

Powerful filtering

Add categories, tags, statuses, and other data points to your requests to make it easier to sort and organize how you prefer.

Know who to interview

Have access to a list of customers who want a feature to do interviews with before building it out.

Timeline breakdown

Easily organize your roadmap into a timeline view. Break this down using groups for different teams so you can easily plan.

Simplify communication

Set up notifications using email or Slack to automatically notify your team when a change is made to the product.

Have a better understanding of the why.

Understand from the source

Quickly get deeper insight into the why behind a feature you’re building.

Communicate estimates

Estimate feature requests at a high level on a 1-5 scale (hours - days - weeks - months - years) to give product owners a better understanding of what’s required.

Own your area

See feedback as it comes in to stay ahead of small issues in your part of the product.

Stay in the loop

It can be hard to stay up to date on every part of a product. With notifications you can easily be in the loop on the parts of the product you don’t work on.

Highlight the needs of high value prospects.

Track value per request

Keep a log of deals in progress or lost due to a missing piece of functionality and put a dollar amount to the request.

Close the deal

With organized requests, you can know exactly who to close the deal with when something is released.

Always have a pulse on how your product is performing.

Build a transparent culture

Transparency around your product roadmap and releases will help your team do their job best. Transparency with customers around product updates helps to build trust and limit churn.

Efficient updates

Limit the number of communication channels you’re tracking and get updates on roadmap and product changes quickly.

Understand product risk

Track common requests from your customers with our reporting. See where the pitfalls of your product are to reduce churn and improve sales.

No risk onboarding

Switching tools can be difficult and time consuming, that’s why we’ll migrate all of your data and help get your team up and running.

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